Must Have Hip Hop Production Tools (Part 2)

Best and most interesting tools for Hip Hop production (Kontakt instruments, sample packs, effects).

If you didn’t checked part 1, I recommend you to read it here. But now I will shortly review newest and most interesting tools missed in part 1.

Firstly, I want to talk about Kontakt instruments, because this sampler is dominating the market right now, so here we go:

  • Kontakt libraries

One Kontakt library that grabs my attention was  BLACK DIAMONDS found on Good sounding, good looking solution, if you make Trap, but of course suitable for many urban related genres.

Nice video review and good choice that will not make you broke.

Next you will need solid 808’s

Also 2 good choices for Kontakt from The Producers Choice: PITCH PLEASE! and 808 WARFARE

Btw, if you have Ni Massive synth there are superb 808 presets from Red Sounds, but we will talk about them later on.

Next instrument is vocal engine EXHALE by Output. Vocal chops became so popular nowadays in every style of music. So, check this superb modern vocal engine. It’s more than chops, it’s real instrument. Especially useful if you making OVO style beats.

In Hip Hop bass section we have Urban Bass

Ok, there were some good choises for Kontakt, let’s move on.

  • Massive and Sylenth presets

Ni Massive and Sylenth 1 are two most popular softsynths on the market and Red Sounds proudly presets a bunch of powerful packs for theses synths.

  • Massive

Our bestseller

Mustard On The Beat


808 Drums For Massive

  • Sylenth


  • Drums and other samples

If You like old school sound, you will like samples by RawCuts

Another great pack


And if You are after modern sound we would like to offer OVO INSPIRED DRUMS. Hard knocking. Great quality.

This is more, than enough to boost your production and creativity for a long time. I am sure you  will like this selection.

And now we are moving to effects. Of course, it will be only small portion bur i will try to show plugins that I use and like myself.

  • Effects

BitterSweet v3 – The BitterSweet Transient Designer

The best part about this plugin- it’s free! I like it for tightening my drums.

Definitely, my go-to plugin for saturation and creative distortion.

Fabfilter Saturn


For EQ FabFilter Pro-Q 2 is unbeatable choice.  Simple, great sounding,  handy in every situation.

For vocal processing there is very good plugin from well known company, especially i you like the make it quick. There are many nice presets.

iZotope Nectar 2

So, that’s all for now .

Let’s make some beats….