How to make a beat selling website

In this post You will find out how to make a beat selling website fast


If you are beatmaker or producer and you are serious about your craft, it is hard to imagine how you can achieve your goals without a knowledge about how to make a beat selling website.

Why you need a website to sell your beats?

  • It is very hard to compete on beat selling sites.

  • You have total control over your website.

  • You can build an email list.

  • It’s easy to make a beat selling website.

One thing you need to know- if you want to make money you need to invest in your business, otherwise you will sell 0 beats as most beatmakers nowadays.

However, seting up a beat selling website is releatevly easy and will not cost you a lot of money.

What you need to make a beatselling site


  1. Domain name

  2. Website host

  3. Design template (free or paid)

  4. Beat selling platform


The Website Host I Use and Trust


I use Ehost for many of my websites and I can recomend this hosting service. There are tons of hosting providers, so it’s hard to choose blindly. I did I reserch and chose this hosting because:

  • Good reviews
  • Low price
  • 45 day Moneyback guarantee
  • Free doamin name
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited doamins (You can host as many websites as you want without addicional costs)
  • €100 worth of FREE ad credits
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Also Ehost have a free website building tools, but I am using wordpress.

WordPress is easy to install and tweak and has endless possibilities for more advanced staff.


Where to get good  Wordpress theme?

There are endless amount for wordpress themes (free and paid).

If you don’t want to invest extra money and want to keep it simpe, I would reccomend Zerif lite theme.

But if you prefer more advanced stuff you can choose from many beautiful themes on Mythemeshop.

Best beat selling platform

Most trusted,intuitive and  mobile friendly (also, there is a free plan). Check Myflashstore here

I hope this post was useful, and now you know how to make a beat selling website the easiest way. If you like please it share.
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