About the Product

deFORM VST - Add live and warmth to your sound

This multi-effect VST plugin is designed to add character and warmth to your loops and synths.

The changes in the demo are pretty minor, but of course, it is possible to mutate the sound dramatically.


mix-Wet/Dry balance.


WOW – adds tape-style fluctuations.
lo-fi – distortion and lo-pass filter.
space – reverb.
width – stereo spread.
mutate – extreme sound transformation.

Great on keys and pads.

This is my go-to plugin when I need to spice up synths/loops on make them more interesting and unique.

  • My usual go-to settings:
  • A little bit of fluctuation with the WOW knob.
  • About a third turned lo-fi knob (turning more will produce some hi-end cutoff, but sometimes it is what we need).
  • About a third turned space knob.
  • I am turning width knob all the way usually.
  • Rarely using mutate knob too much. But experimentation can bring some interesting results.

Also it is possible to control parameters via automation.


It is a VST3 plugin. Works only on WINDOWS.

You need to place deFORM folder into Program Files/Common Files/VST3

It should look like this Program Files/Common Files/VST3/deFORM

Then scan this directory in your DAW.