9 Ways To Deal With Producers Block (Beat-Block)

Every producer/beatmaker is experiencing a lack of creativity and repetitiveness from time to time in his carrier. This is called a producers block or a beat-block. If you are in this situation, don’t worry! We have tons of tips and tricks to boost your creativity. First thing that comes to mind when thinking about a…

ozone 7 by izotope

Just Noticed 38% Discount On Ozone 7 Elements By Izotope!

Good day everyone! Just noticed a big deal (38% OFF) on industry leader mastering plugin and want to share with you. There are also discounts for OZONE 7 and OZONE 7 ADVANCED versions, but you can save more with OZONE 7 ELEMENTS. Ozone 7 Elements by Izotope! I really like this plugin. You can make…

Must Have Hip Hop Production Tools

Must Have Hip Hop Production Tools (Part 2)

Best and most interesting tools for Hip Hop production (Kontakt instruments, sample packs, effects). If you didn’t checked part 1, I recommend you to read it here. But now I will shortly review newest and most interesting tools missed in part 1. Firstly, I want to talk about Kontakt instruments, because this sampler is dominating the…

how to make a beat sellig website

How to make a beat selling website

In this post You will find out how to make a beat selling website fast If you are beatmaker or producer and you are serious about your craft, it is hard to imagine how you can achieve your goals without a knowledge about how to make a beat selling website. Why you need a website…

Arturia V Collection 4 (50% OFF)

Just found another good deal.  Arturia V Collection 4 (50% OFF). I heard a lot of good things about these synths, so I am thinking about buying this mega-pack myself. You can check it here   Also, I am saving money for Virtual Tape Machine by Slate Digital  

red-sounds-waves-gold bundle


I just want to share with you. Waves Gold Bundle 80% Off!!!! Amazing deal on industry standart plugins from Waves. I use these plugins everyday.  This pack is all you need for mixing and mastering and much more… Over 30 plugins from industry leader. Grab this deal here

Beat Making Video (Distorted Beat By Red Sounds)

Recently I made this beat and want to share how it was made. Instruments used: Melody:  Sylenth 1 Urban Taste Tape Strings preset by Red Sounds with Fabfilter Saturn plugin. Drums: Anno Domini Drums Bass:  Electric guitar with Fabfilter Saturn plugin  pitched one octave down. Sub Bass: Sylenth 1 Urban Taste Sub preset and Waves Rbass plugin.…